Who we are

Welcome to Save Our Youth Curacao Foundation (SOYC). SOYC is a youth assistance and violence prevention foundation serving disadvantaged and special needs children, young adults and especially people with disability who is our main goal in Curacao. We stand for the rights, welfare, and development of our target population. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary for the creative development and empowerment of our disadvantaged youth through tailor made programs to fit each individual’s need. We are open 24/7 and our programming includes community health and fitness programs, a female empowerment program, recreational and educational programs, and social activities. In the future we shall establish the SOYC Scholarship Program.

Save Our Youth Curacao Foundation stand and fight for the rights and development of people with disability. They have the same rights as everybody else. And we support children who lives in the poverty. Our overall mission is to strive for the rights and the development of people with disabilities, because looking that more than 80 years nothing has been done for the people with disabilities in Curacao, for examples: There is no public transportation for people with disabilities in Curacao. And we strive also for the children and the youth who lives in the poverty and to not fall in the hands of justice or lose their lives. We seek to provide our disadvantaged youth between the ages of 6-24 the necessary tools required to assist them with their social, educational, spiritual, and cultural development and to empower them to make important decisions that affect both their personal lives and the lives of those they encounter in their environment.

Our ultimate goal is to realize a special beach for people with disabilities, so they can do their therapy. This special beach is hard needed for them. And a multi-functional Development Centre for people with disabilities so they can develop themselves and socialize with children and the youth, that will be the pillar of our community where both our disadvantaged youth and related social, spiritual, educational and cultural organizations can come together in a safe and cohesive environment to develop the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Our Values
Participation and Empowerment: We believe that disadvantaged youths have the right to participate in decisions affecting their lives and issues they believe in. Equality: We value and promote equality among all young people equally. Diversity: We recognize that disadvantaged youths are also diverse with different needs and opinions, and we believe that this is to be recognized and celebrated. Recognition: We believe that young people, including disadvantaged youths, should be recognized for their positive contribution to society and their place as citizens, today and in the future.

SOYC aims to achieve its goal and mission through its three year strategy 2016-2019. This prioritizes the running of a secure and sustainable non-for profit foundation which is visible and credible to decision makers and young people alike. We do this on behalf of our disadvantaged and special needs youth, through our Board, and working with others who share our vision, to enable us to reach into our community. Come and join us in our efforts to improve the lives of our children and young adults...after all, they are the future of Curacao!

This Logo STOP Is to stop domestic violence and child abuse. Join us and registered yourself or your company and sustain this cause with us worldwide and make this logo stop domestic violence and child abuse international.

Every year we lose thousands of children worldwide cause child abuse and we lose thousands of our loves one cause of domestic violence.